Specialized in assisting startups of the six major fields to succeed –
top customized services are provided with recruitment,
coaches and coaching services of the different fields that operate independently.

Internet of Things
Artificial Intelligence

Services to accelerate start-up team
growth at early stages.

Friendly seed investments:

  • Business opportunities matchmaking that provides the teams with exclusive investment structures at the development stage.
  • Investor matchmaking that provides startups the maximum growth spaces with friendly conditions at an early stage.

Competent acceleration services:

  • Exclusive one-to-one coaching with experts of your field.
  • Workshops fully focused on management and market verification.
  • Business coaching with experts of the industry who will provide case analysis, business planning, and others.

Rich resources of incubation:

  • Startup pitch deck diagnosis services.
  • Demo Show Pitch that attracts investment of seed capital.
  • Pitch deck lectured by senior experts with startup knowledge and practices.

Values are created since the moment of “sign-up”

We know that every minute and every second is extremely precious when we start a business; thus, in addition to our commitment to the creation of high-value accelerator services, we also decided that the step of “sign-up” should be valuable for you.

Free startup pitch deck training

  • A three-day fundraising pitch-deck camp created by a famous fundraising pitch-deck consultant that will enhance your logic and briefing abilities comprehensively.
    *Free enrollment for the teams who passed the first round.

Demo Show Pitch

  • Present your innovative career in front of venture capital/angel investors or other key VIPs to win attention for yourself and your team.
    *Teams who passed the final round of S2B Startups to Business Bootcamp will all be invited to the Demo Show Pitch.

Entry requirements

  • “Lifestyle technology” :
    Material technology, sensing technology, process technology,
    experience technology, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) used in the Lifestyle industry.
  • Startup news or companies that have been established in less than three years (based on the application date).
  • 2 – 5 members per team.
  • Priority is given to : (Alternative)
    1. Non-Taiwanese members account for 50% or above of the total team members: Plus 40% of the total score.
    2. College or university students account for 50% or above of the total team members: Plus 30% of the total score.

Startups To Business Bootcamp

August 12th
  • Complete the online registration on the program's official website before 17:00 on August 12th,2021. You must fill the online registration information and upload the Attachment. (Application Guide)
  • Submit the presentation on August 12th (no changes can be made after submission).
  • Pitch deck diagnosis provided to the contact window of the program no later than one week before the application deadline. (Before July 26th) ; E-mail : frt.incubator@gmail.com
August 26th
Winners of the preliminary round
  • Winners of the preliminary round are estimated to be announced in early August, admitting 5 – 10 teams (no more admissions even if there are less than five qualified teams; teams with the same scores will be additionally admitted even if more than ten qualified teams.) Some teams will be elected on the waiting list.
  • The admitted applicants must reply their willingness of participation before 12:00 (noon; UTC +8) on August 27th, 2021 (Fri.). Teams on the waiting list will fill the vacancy if any.
  • Submit prototype to Organizer
September 13th-15th
  • Business presentation training for startups.
  • One-to-one coaching and training.
September 16th
  • Product/technology exhibition.
  • Pitch: 6 mins
  • Approx. 4 – 5 committee members. We recommend you to prepare 6 copies of written documents.